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The Talent Agency is a boutique search firm and talent network built for recruiters by recruiters. Our niche is direct placement for Talent Acquisition roles (Recruiters, Sourcers, Employer Branding, Management & Executives)
and we look forward to working with you!


Join The Talent Agency and we'll keep you in the loop when a relevant talent acquisition opening comes along. In the meantime, you'll gain exclusive access to learning opportunities and networking events with other top players in our space.  

We work with the best and the brightest in our industry. Is that you? 


How many times have you heard about your dream job at your dream company only AFTER it's been filled? Are you so focused in your current position that you don't have time to keep tabs on TA openings in the industry? 

We want to help. We believe that top performers often miss out on amazing opportunities simply because they don't know about them. Join The Talent Agency, tell us exactly what your next career step looks like and we'll notify you when that perfect position for you comes along



We are currently interviewing for these full-time, salaried, in-house corporate openings with top employers: 

  • Recruiting Manager - Mobile, AL

  • Technical Recruiter - Mobile, AL

  • Sourcing Manager - Chicago, IL

  • Recruiting Manager - Seattle, WA

  • Recruiting Manager - Washington DC

  • Recruiting Manager - Bay Area / SF

Interested in being considered? Join The Talent Agency today!


1. Create a Profile

No resume? No problem! Join our network by uploading your LinkedIn profile. It's quick, easy and painless. 

3. We'll Notify You of Matching Positions

Once a matching position at one of our great clients becomes available, we will reach out to tell you more about the opening and schedule a call. You decide if the timing is right and if you'd like to be considered.

2. Tell Us What You're Looking For

Your resume tells us what you've done in the past. Our quick questionnaire tells us exactly what you want to do in the future. 

4. Network with Industry Peers 

An added benefit of joining The Talent Agency is the ability to learn, crowdsource and network with industry peers, both online and off. We're coming soon to a city near you, so stay tuned! 


I'm not actively looking right now, so I don't have an updated resume. Can I still join?​

Absolutely! Simply sign up using your LinkedIn profile. We're pretty sure that, as a recruiter, you've got one of those!

I'm happy in my current role and I'd only make a move for something really specific. Is that okay?
You know it. Tell us exactly what you're looking for and we'll only ping you when something that meets those criteria crosses our desk. This is a long-term play and it's okay if you're not ready to make a move for six months, a year or even a few years from now. We've got you covered and the ball will always be in your court.

Will other people know I've joined The Talent Agency?
Nope! You can remain completely confidential and we will never share your information with any clients (or anyone else) without speaking to you and getting your express permission first. No one else will have access to your information or know you've joined. All networking events are voluntary / opt-in. You decide how active and visible you want to be. 

Can you find me or guarantee me a job? 

As much as we'd love to be able to place every single person who joins The Talent Agency, we are focused on filling current openings at our client companies. (Fortunately, that list of great employers is growing every day!) We'll ping you when a match becomes available.

What does it cost to join?

Not a thing! The client will pay a customary fee if/when you are hired. There is no cost to join or participate in the networking activities associated with The Talent Agency. 

Can I refer my friends?
Please do! We are always looking for the best and brightest in this industry and we love referrals. No one knows great recruiting pros like other recruiters.

I completed my profile a while ago but my information / situation has changed. Can I update it?
Anytime. Simply log back in and make any necessary changes. 

Can I contact you now to set up an exploratory interview?

While we are conducting exploratory calls based on current and upcoming needs, we are unable to accommodate every request to interview at this time. Once the right position for you becomes available, we'll be sure to reach out and let you know.

I work for a current / former client of Tenfold or The Talent Agency. Can I still join?
You're more than welcome to join and take part in the professional development, learning and networking activities, but I'm afraid that we will be unable to consider you for other opportunities as long as you're working for a client of Tenfold or The Talent Agency. Sorry about that!

Is Tenfold or The Talent Agency currently hiring internally? 

We are a small team at this moment, but definitely expect to grow in upcoming months. Follow us on social media (links in footer) or subscribe to our monthly newsletter to be notified of openings as they become available. Or you can simply join The Talent Agency and automatically be considered that way, of course!



Ready to hire your next recruiter, sourcer, employment brander, talent ops or recruiting leader? Tap into our deep network and let us help you find the right person with the right skills to grow your team.

We'd love to work with you.


Want to join in some great networking / learning opportunities with industry peers and make sure you're in the loop when the perfect Recruiting / Talent Acquisition position comes along? Join  The Talent Agency today.

We look forward to meeting you.​