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Sourcing Jam - Private Sessions
Sourcing Jam - Private Sessions

Sourcing Jam - Private Sessions

Would you like to have a private sourcing jam with Stacy Zapar for just you or your team? Sign up here!

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Date & Time - TBD

Location - Zoom

Would you like to have a private one-hour sourcing jam session with Stacy Zapar, Founder of The Talent Agency?  

This session is perfect for teams or individuals who want to:

  • Upskill your sourcing skills and develop better fluency in Boolean searching and LinkedIn Recruiter features
  • Get "unstuck" on a tricky role where you've hit a wall and need a fresh set of eyes for some new ideas 
  • Launch a new search where it's unfamiliar territory and you need a strong jumping off point
  • Source on confidential roles that are not suited for the public sourcing jam setting
  • Have a customized experience rather than the crowdsourcing format of our public sourcing jams
  • Guarantee that your role is selected for the sourcing jam session

In this private session, we will co-source in LinkedIn Recruiter to upskill sourcing skills, improve fluency in Boolean string writing, develop strong sourcing habits, optimize our time spent sourcing, strengthen diversity sourcing aptitude, ask questions and learn in a safe environment where mistakes and dead ends are all part of the learning process! 


  • Zoom recording of the sourcing jam
  • Sourcing Doc (with all search strings and research) for the selected role 
  • SDZ's Sourcing Doc Template
  • SDZ's Diversity Sourcing Cheatsheet
  • Any other goodies that come up during our time together

Please note: The specific candidate list generation will be up to the recruiter/sourcer as we will spend our hour together learning, practicing and working to build an optimal search that will generate as many great sourcing prospects as possible. If you want to have us also generate an actual list of candidates, please sign up for our Full Service Sourcing Jam.

PS - Did you know that we also offer sourcing-as-a-service and recruiter training workshops? Want to learn more? Book a call with Stacy

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