Announcing The Talent Agency!

announcing the talent agency

The day is finally here... So excited to share the news that Tenfold is expanding and The Talent Agency is now open for business!

A Little History

Since 2012, Tenfold has been helping top employers build better Talent Acquisition teams through consulting and training services. But that's not all there is to it. Teams not only need great strategies, processes and knowledge; they also need the right people in key roles to be truly successful. That's where The Talent Agency idea was born.

The Talent Agency is a search firm built for recruiters by recruiters and we'll be helping leading employers hire Talent Acquisition professionals for their teams: Recruiters, Sourcers, Employer Branding Pros, Talent Ops Pros, Recruiting Leaders, Heads of Talent, etc. Yes, Recruiting for Recruiting! Why Start a Business? Why Not Just Keep Connecting People? For 13+ years, I've been building my LinkedIn and Twitter networks to more than 250,000 combined followers (the vast majority in the Recruiting / Staffing space) and I've enjoyed being a people connector as part of that experience. I'm often asked, "Who do you know?" While I'm happy to pass along names or openings, it's often a shallow introduction with limited knowledge of the candidate, their career path wishes, the company culture or the role at hand. By launching a formal business, I'll be able to go all in, devoting the time and energy to really understand both parties better and do much more thorough vetting and matching. (And yes, I'm still happy to help people network, of course... even if it's not a req that I'm working on. That will never change!)

Why Recruiting for Recruiting?

First off, Talent Acquisition professionals are who I know. 95% of my LinkedIn network is made up of Talent Acquisition professionals and I'm constantly meeting new people through TA conferences and other networking events. Secondly, I really love this space (just celebrated my 20 year recruiting anniversary last week!) and I want to help the best people find the perfect job at their ideal company. That just feels good. :) And last, but not least, Lever recently released their Little Grey Book of Recruiting Benchmarks and found that the toughest roles to fill these days aren't in Engineering or Sales... they're in Recruiting! Recruiting roles have the smallest percent of referrals per hire (13%), one of the smallest percentages of applicants (42%) and need to be directly sourced (39%) more than any other openings in the company. Good TA talent is hard to find! There's a business need that I'd like to help solve.

Is Tenfold Going Away?

No way! Tenfold will still be offering training and consulting services around employer branding, sourcing and other talent attraction strategies. The Talent Agency is an expansion of Tenfold to further help our clients build world class talent acquisition teams.

Is The Talent Agency Just for Active Jobseekers? Nope. The Talent Agency is a talent pipeline where the majority of us who aren't actively looking can still stay up to date on openings as they become available. Too often, we hear about the perfect position only *after* it's been filled. I'd like to change that. We'll ping our members about relevant openings at top employers as they pop up and then they can decide if they want to learn more. How Do I Join? To join The Talent Agency, simply upload your resume or LinkedIn profile (which tells us what you've done in the past) and answer a few questions (to tell us what you're ideally looking for in the future). That will help us make better matches and understand your career path wishes before reaching out. It's completely confidential, 100% free and the whole process takes less than two minutes. My Team is Hiring? Can We Talk? Absolutely! Ping us at and we'll set up a time to chat and learn more. A Note of Gratitude

I would be remiss if I didn't mention that this new venture was a labor of love by many people to whom I owe a debt of gratitude. A great big thank you to the industry peers and trusted friends who have taken time to review websites in progress, join the talent network, provide feedback, bounce ideas and generally support me during times of uncertainty. Your support means the world to me and not a day goes by that I'm not deeply grateful. Thank you all! :) Stay in Touch with Us! Join The Talent Agency

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